Employee Spotlight
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Larrie Thomas is one of the many valuable employees at Berrys Freight. Everyday you can count on a "Hello how are you doing" and a big smile from Larrie.

Larrie has been driving for twenty plus years and has an excellent safety record. He is often the driver trainer for new Berrys employees.

Larrie's off duty hobbies are cooking, cooking, and cooking. He runs a catering business for fun, and does a great job. He often shares his cooking tips and you need to listen when he does. One of his specialties is deep frying turkeys. He does it with precision and the taste is great.

Larrie is one of the reasons Berrys Freight is a success. He is customer centered and believes that attitude is everything. This is another reason why you should give Berrys Freight a try today with your freight, because people like Larrie will be making sure your freight is secure and makes it on time to its destination.

Thank you Larrie for a job well done, and enjoy your prize for  winning the monthly Roy award.

Roy Berry Sr. with our first truck in 1972